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Joe, Steve, Bruce, Stephanie, Kim, Steven, Marissa, Maria, Laurie, Bernadine, Booker, Hope, Michelle, Tom, Sher, Bryan, Mark, Tom, Mark, Kent, Zack, Keith, Brent, Clif, Marlin, and SO many more!
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Autrey Accepts Gold Record - Plays "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" znd helps Cyndi Lauper's Music Career early on
Showing off recognition of his talent and his incredible professional
ear for music, TV-61 VJ/Music Director Autrey Jones Breaks NEW ARTIST
Cyndi Lauper's "She's So Unusual" Album featuring Girl's Just Want to Have Fun,
She Bop,
and All Through The Night, all of which Autrey added to TV-61's playlist
despite bumping heads with certain members of leadership over his decision.
Autrey is awarded an RIAA GOLD RECORD for his MUSIC ROTATION placement.


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Episodes of the Rocky Horror Video Show that aired on TV-61 have been
located, and will appear here soon!! We're still dubbing them to air here. Keep watching this space for more details!


From the Mailbag

THANK YOU TV 61!!!!!

I was 13-14 and had an old black and white set in my room. I watched constantly. I remember how at you guys seemed to show any video you could get your hands on. I constantly made plans to bike down to the studio from 67th and cactus, but I never did.

I have so many great memories of the gems you guys aired. Any chance you guys could dig up an airing of the 'Time Warp'? I remember it showing at midnight on Saturday nights, with one of your VJs presenting it. (I'm friends with Matt who runs and I'm sure he'd love to see it too!)

I'd LOVE to see a block with Captain Sensible's "Wot?" and Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone". I remember how tv-61 showed me my first Duran Duran video ("Planet Earth")... heck, I'd love to see Kid Creole doing "Endicot" or Total Coelo doing "I Eat Cannibals"... so many good ones. Oh, you guys turned me onto so much!

Thanks for making puberty so much better!



Hi Tom,

Thanks for writing us at!

We'll see if we can pull some of your requests out of our archives for you and get them on here at

The Rocky Horror Video Show aired Saturday Nights at Midnight on TV-61, and featured "The Time Warp Video". It was hosted live by Stephanie Lynn, as Magenta.

Stephanie was a Rocky regular in the Valley of the Sun as she was growing up. She says that some of her fondest memories of Rocky were when Rocky and Phantom of The Paradise were playing back to back at The Sombrero Playhouse.

Believe it or not, I actually had dinner with her tonight. Meatloaf again. How amazing is it that I came across your email this very next morning (it's REALLY 3 o'clock in the morning as I write this! Where am I going to get food now!?!?)

"From the City that Never Sleeps comes the pizza and sub shop that never sleeps! The Original Tommy's at 2201 West Glendale Avenue makes pizza and subs with home-made ingredients in the tradition of New York!"

Interesting story behind the scenes on the Original Tommy's commercial - the Panasonic WV-777 3-tube Saticon camera we usually used in the field was sick. We borrowed a JVC KY-310 from another station that TV-61's Production Manager Bryan was working with, and it produced beautiful, sharp pictures. Take a look at the commercial (I believe it's in the second break in the current show). The food's 30 years old, and it's as mouth-watering as ever! The two young ladies at the beginning of the commercial are Maria and Marissa.

Anyway, write again soon, Tom - and tell your friends to visit us at!

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